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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Back in Town

It's been quite awhile since I've posted. It's been a crazy few weeks and we're always jam packed with activities and class. Let's see, where to begin?

Well, we just spent 3 weeks in Vaie'e and then 4 days at our site. Yes, we got our site placements! I'll be spending two years on the island of Manono. It's a tiny island that is about a 15-20 minute boat ride from Upolu. And it's a small boat. Think refuge-like boats. You can walk around the island in less than 2 hours. 6 of our group is in Savai'i and 7 on Upolu and Lili is with me on Manono. We're all spread apart pretty far and it's going to be so weird once we're on our own for good. It was weird going to my village the other day after getting so comfortable and familiar with the people in Vaie'e. I missed my family there. But my family on Manono is great. I have all brothers so they pick my coconuts and make my food for me. I've got one sister in law who is almost 25 and about to pop out her 4th kid. And all her kids are boys who are just adorable. The people in the village have been real welcoming so far and I think I'll like it out there.

The three weeks in Vaie'e were awesome. We are really getting to know everyone there and it's going to be sad to leave. I've established good relationships with my family and with other people in the community. We're doing a village project before we leave and we met with members of the village and we've decided on a beautification project. We're going to build them rubbish stands and we sent in a proposal to get rubbish bins. And then we're going to do some planting along the road. We also had a Tausala the nite before we came back to Apia. A Tausala is a fund-raiser where the whole village participates and everyone dances with their family when their mother's name is called. It was so much fun. A lot of my family was out of town in Savai'i for a wedding so when my mom's name was called, my sister in law surprised me by calling me to the back and then putting all these accessories on me. I had a beaded headband, this coconut necklace and this feather belt. And then I had to dance a Samoan dance with the few members of my family that were there. I wasn't sure what I was doing but I tried my best.

And tomorrow we head back to Vaie'e for another 2 weeks and then back to Apia for a week before we swear in on August 23rd. 3 weeks of training left and I'm ready for it to be over.

Now I'm off to a softball game that Peace Corps has set up with the Japanese volunteers. Us trainees have our own team I think. But wish us luck!


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