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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kiwi Land

I know I know, it's been months since i've blogged. so sorry about all that. but i'm currently in New Zealand...just under a week until i return to samoa. New Zealand is GREAT. It was even better that I started the trip with Antonietta, who stopped by samoa first to pick me up and got to see what life in the village was like for a couple of days. It was pretty interesting for her.

We flew over to Auckland a few days later. Then down to Wellington. We spent a couple days there and then took the ferry over the South Island, where we spent tons of cash on wine tours, glacier climbing, 4-wheelin', skydiving, shopping, eating, drinking and the like. but of course, it was all worth it. we drove down the west coast and spent a few days in touristy queenstown, which was just swarming with young 'uns ready to throw themselves off a bungy cord and party all nite long. We did have a good time St. Patty's Day weekend, but nothing quite beats the St. Patty Days back in the States.

We flew from Queenstown up to Auckland where we ended up for a couple more days than we thought we would. We met up with Jame and Antonietta and I proceeded to spend more money on a bridge climb, bungy jumping (so unexpected) and sailing. But again, all worth it. From Auckland, I said goodbye to Antonietta and Jame and I continued on the Kiwi Experience to Whitianga, where we got to go bone carving!, Rotorua, where we went zorbing, Waitomo, where we went caving and now, we are back in Auckland. It's been a whirlwind trip and a great time.

Tomorrow we head off to the Bay of Islands for a few days, then back to Auckland and then back to Samoa. Back to cheeky kids, teaching 3 days a week, cheeky men and boys, hot and humid weather. Can't you tell I'm so excited?

And my internet time is about to run out, so sorry if this doesn't make much sense. Tried to compose my thoughts as fast as i could. I'll try and update more!